Hello everyone! After few months of ‘creative break’, laziness, and demotivation in development process I finally feel motivated. In September I decided to continue with the development and I have made some pretty good progress with VR Pianist since then. I’m looking forward to share the progress with you! I finally can announce a specific (early access) release date – VR Pianist launches on 12 May 2021!

My original plan was to meet with you on game conferences and get usefull feedback there. Unfortunatelly, due to the Coronavirus situation in the world, we probably won’t be able to meet on these events next few months. So I decided to think about plan B. I’m planning to start these ‘social’ projects:

  • Blog about this game (This is the first post! Yaaay!)
  • Youtube Channel (Containing the green-screen videos of game and also funny buggs from the development )
  • Facebook – If you haven’t seen VR Pianist’s Facebook page, it’s HERE. And I’m planning to be much more active there. 🙂

What is currently in development:

There will be a great change in graphic design and visual appearance of the game. I’m really looking forward to your reactions, new screenshots should be available in next two weeks! Also, I’m currently looking for cooperators, so maybe in short future I won’t be a single-creator of this game anymore 🙂

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