The Story of VR Pianist

The first (publicly unreleased) version of this game was created by me (Tereza Preislerova 🙂 ) as part of my bachelor thesis at CTU Prague in 2018/2019. After good reviews from people at Czech VR Fest, I decided to go on in development.

Later in August 2019, I got the Dean’s Award for a great bachelor thesis for this game, which I really appreciate. It was the next impulse that what I’m doing has a purpose. As I’m the only developer it takes a lot of time to finish this project during my studies. But I’m happy to announce, that VR Pianist is going to be released in August 2021 and you can already wishlist it on Steam!


Ready for the Early Access Version (18th August 2021)

  • Interactive virtual keyboard with dynamics control (You don’t need a real piano to play this game – you can play on the table or in the air)
  • Instruction system of “circles” (Tells you what, when and how the key should be pressed – you don’t have to be a pianist in ‘real life’)
  • Score system (Will you make it to the concert hall?)
  • Original black & white graphic style
  • Responsive environment (The game world changes colours as you play)
  • More than 20 songs of various genres (Contemporary, classical, orchestral)
  • 3 difficulty levels + improvisation mode
  • Score system (The better you play, the higher score you get)
  • Supported (VR) platforms: Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Windows Mixed Reality, optional Leap Motion controller

Future Plans & Features in Development

  • Multiplayer mode (Play the piano with your friend. / Invite your friends to your concert.)
  • Recording mode
  • New songs, levels and scenes
  • Virtual audience feedback
  • Import your own songs to the game
  • User setup (colours, audio)
Beginning of 2022

Planned RELEASE DATE on Oculus App Lab

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18 August 2021
13 May 2021

First Teaser Trailer

September 2020

Development starts again!

March 2020 – September 2020

Creative break

December 2019

Participation in Stereopsia in Brusels and GDS in Prague

Participation in Czech VR Fest, development continues

June 2019
May 2019

First demo version done (as a part of bachelor thesis)

Game design starts

September 2018