VR Pianist

Piano in Virtual Reality

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The Story of VR Pianist

First version of this game was created by me (Tereza Preislerova :) ) as part of bachelor thesis at CTU Prague in 2018/2019. After good reviews from people at Czech VR Fest I decided to go on in development and try to release my own first game in spring 2020.

Later in August I got the Dean's price for great bachelor thesis for this game, which I really appreciate. It was the next impuls that what I'm doing has purpose. As I'm the only developer it takes a lot of time to finish this project. If you would like to support me, please follow the creation of VR Pianist on Facebook or this website.


Game on Czech VR Fest

On June 2019 I got the opportunity to participate at Czech VR Fest.

VR Pianist on Czech VR Fest
Participant of Czech VR Fest playing on virtual piano - VR Pianist
Video from Czech VR Fest exhibition (in Czech)

Development Phase


In current version there is one room where you can play six diffent songs each in two difficulty levels. The better you play, the higher score you get. You can put your virtual keyboard on the real table or play in the air. You can also control dynamics with the hand's speed when the key is touched.

You can use Leap Motion or Vive controllers with Vive headset to play this game.


Before the game's releasment I would like to finish support for more platforms, include more songs (I'm looking for musicians) and also allow users to create their own levels - adding music and selecting which notes should be played by gamers.

I would like to improve controller's interactions. Also there should be more than one room and with changes in the scene there will be a little story to tell between the "note" lines.

VR Pianist development process